Covid 19 in Indien

Wir sind auch weiterhin auf Spenden für Menschen in Not angewiesen, die durch die Pandemie schwer getroffen wurden. Es handelt sich hier um arme Grossfamilien, Kranke und Taglöhner.

Mit jedem finanziellen Beitrag, sei er noch so klein, helfen Sie mit, Not zu lindern. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn auch Sie sich am Schicksal dieser indischen Menschen mit einer Spende beteiligen würden und bedanken uns jetzt schon für Ihr Wohlwollen.

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Einige Beispiele wie die Covid Spenden durch Mahabodhi eingesetzt werden:
(Vorsicht: Einige Bilder können verstörend wirken)


Age – 11 years
Village – Suknachari, Tripura
She got burns when the parents went to forest for wood collecting and she was playing with some friends and she went in the kitchen, mishandled fire and caught fire. Due to synthetic clothes the burns were fast and covered more parts of the body. She had 90 % burns. She was admitted by Ven.Nyanarakkhita Bhanteji in the government hospital. The doctors tried their best but after three weeks she passed away.
Amount spent – 25,000
Age – 6 years
Villege – Alipur Khera, Uttar Pradesh State
She was playing on the third floor terrace and she tried to look down and fell three floors down. Her legs, arms and head were injured. She almost lost her legs and for long time she was bed ridden. Her fingers are still having some problems but not so serious as to lose them. There was an urgent need of surgery and through Sumanapala Bhanteji Mahabodhi tried to help her in their village. But the treatment was not adequate and she was brought with her sister to take care to Bengaluru. She is in Bengaluru Mahabodhi for last three months and after all investigations, and with Dr.Kalai’s advices she got operated in a children hospital in Bengaluru for both legs. Now she is still not able to walk but after physiotheraphy she is now able to stand little bit and trying to walk with support. Doctors say slowly the legs will come back to the extent of walking and to live normal life. But not for running and doing heavy work.
Total amount spent so far – 40,000 and further expected expenditure for travel and medicines 20,000 rupees.

Mr.Santosh Sawin
Age – 44 years
Place – Deomali, Arunachal Pradesh
Santosh had been helpful in the beginning when Mahabodhi Deomali was started. Unfortunately he was addicted to drugs and he was in bad company. After teaching dhamma and some practice of Dhamma, he started to improve. But in last one year he lost weight and became very weak and his digestion system went worse. His liver was damaged. During the visit of Ven.Kassapa Bhanteji and Ananda Bhanteji to Deomali recently, it was pathetic condition of Santosh and they felt that he may die if left unattended. He was brought to Bengaluru and treated. Now he is on medication and improving very well. He is also made as temporary monk and he is under going meditation and dhamma program. Another three months he may have to stay for medical treatment and meditation practice. He has to follow special diet.
So far money spent – 40,000 and expected further treatment 30,000 = 70,000

Dog at CUPA , Bengaluru
An injured dog was found in Vijayanagar area of Bengaluru and it was taken to animal hospital and treatment amount was paid – Rs.5000 and it was rescued. Now he is happily alive. Thanks to upasaka Gopalakrishna who helped to organize the ambulance and take to hospital.Assisted Amount – 5000
Place – Chotapansury Village, Mizoram
This man has cancer like and he was taken to hospital and treated in Aizawl. He needs further treatment and the family is not yet decided. They will contact us again.
Assisted amount – 25,000
Upasika Surabhi Nayak, Upasaka Birendra Nayak, and Son Atthadassi Nayak.
Place – Baleshwar, Orissa
The family with husband, wife and son were in great distress and it was not possible for them to get rehabilitated. With the assistance of Mahabodhi the family is getting rehabilitated to a place so that they can have a shelter. Venerable Buddhadatta Bhanteji has not only coordinated but also has given lot of Dhamma and meditation for their mind to overcome this shelterless life, worry and live a decent life.
Assisted Amount – 50,000
Ashish Buddhapriya
Age – 28
Village – Vill Dugawli, District Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
In the last three weeks he got COVID and from village he had to be taken to Etawah town and there he is being treated. He was almost went into danger levels. He got lung infection and water collected in the lungs. Pneumonia type. He is getting better. But still not out of full danger. Venerable Jinawansa coordinated and he also gave him lot of dhamma and contemplation.
Assisted amount – 25,000 and some more expenses are expected.


Humanitarian hospital, Bengaluru
This hospital or care center is very special in the sense, they rescue orphaned people on street and bring them and give them shelter and try to rehabilitate. Recently with the help of one upasaka two ladies were rescued who were lying on road without any food. This hospital borewell pump was crashed and they needed urgently water pump and Mahabodhi helped to buy it.
Assisted Amount – 33,500 
Village – Hazachari, Tripura
House BurntIn Hazachari, near Suknachari village, a house got fire in an accident. They lost everything.
Mahabodhi gave assistance of Rs. 25,000

Mr.Kamala Luson
Age 45
Village – Punyabhumi, Dewan, Arunachal Pradesh
He had an accident while going towards his village. His head was very badly injured and there was brain hemorrhage. He was rushed to Dibrugarh hospital but after 12 hours he died being in the state of coma.
Assisted amount – 15,000

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